Reading on the Clock

Thanks to Covid-19, I have been having a lot of downtime at work. As I mentioned before, I am an essential employee as I take care of people, so I’m still showing up at work but the actual work is a lot slower then normal. So to kill the boredom I am reading a bit more there then normal. And I do not feel guilty.

I have been working in the field since college and out of college I took a position as an overnight staff. Although there were cleaning jobs to do-it gave me a lot of time to read. I stayed at the job longer then I probably should just for the fact that I liked having the time to read and get paid for it.

Then I took a day shift job taking people to doctor’s appts. That was another good reading job. Once I got the person to the appointment we usually had to wait a bit and it was the perfect time to pull out my current read and get a few pages or chapters in throughout the day.

I actually miss those jobs where I had built in reading time. I still get time to read now and again (especially now), but it’s been awhile since I could really depend on having that time to read.

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