Housework, if you do it right, can kill you. —Erma Bombeck

So last Saturday when I was at work I was carrying a big load of laundry up stairs. Got to the very top of the steps, lost my grip on the basket, stepped backwards and next thing I knew I was laying at the midway landing between the two floors. Somehow the super important parts of my body (head/neck) were unscathed but the bulk of the trauma was to my right knee. I managed to sit up but as soon as I tried to move my leg I knew I was screwed. I yelled for my coworker and he called 911.

Warning: This next bit is probably not for the squimish. I am writing it in white text so if you want to read it, just highlight the following paragraph.

When the paramedics got there they tried to get me to stand and as soon as they helped stand me up any any hope I had left completely died. As soon as I put the most minute weight on my leg I felt a pop and yelled out “that frigging hurts!”. So after that the paramedics realized I was NOT going anywhere on my own accord.

The ride to the hospital and the ER itself was pretty lowkey. I had an xray and cat scan done, I was put in a temporary splint and sent home with instructions to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon.

Almost a week after my tumble, I finally was able to get seen by ortho. They took one look at my films and was told that I need surgery on my knee ASAP, so this time on Monday I should have the surgery behind me and a brand new set of hardware in my knee. After that my recovery will span three to six months. During that time I will be non weight-bearing so it’s going to be a long time before I am able to get back to work, if I’m able to go back.

Over the weekend I’m going to try to do a quick review of the backlog of books I have yet to review on here. If there’s one silver lining of this whole thing is that because I can’t do much else, I am getting lots of reading done. I’m also doing a fair amount of tv watching (so if anyone has suggestions for Netflix or HBO Max I am here for it, but I’m definitely looking forward to making a healthy dent on my bookshelf.

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