Short Reviews

Since I fell so far behind in reviews these last couple of weeks, I am going to play a little catch up and write quick reviews for the books in my backlog.

A Long Way Home

Enjoyable memoir about an adopted man finding his family after he became lost in his home country of India. It was crazy how he was able to track them down, being that for the longest time he had very limited memory of where he grew up. The movie Lion is based off on the memoir and they are both worth checking out.

My Name Is Venus Black

This debut novel was very enjoyable. I thought the ending was kind of weak, but overall this kept me completely engaged and I hope to see more fiction from Heather Lloyd in the future.

The Sun Down Motel

I listened to the audio of this and I cannot say enough good things about it. This was one of those thrillers that keep you on your toes until the very end. I’m still finding my way around audiobooks, but its a safe bet to see this is my favorite genre to listen to in audio form.


This was a disappointment. I loved Bel Canto, I read it years ago but I still remember having an almost religious experience reading it. Something about the writing gripped me in a way that completely took me out of myself and since then I have been chasing that feeling. Sadly Commonwealth very nearly ended up a TBR for me but I managed to get through by skimming a few times.

In Her Shoes

This was a reread for me and I am really happy that this stood up to the passage of time. I originally read it in my early 20’s and although I am nearly a decade older than Rose, I still loved Rose and Maggie and was glad to see that my fond memories of this story were still the same.

Bird Box

I finished this at 5am this morning (I have been having a lot of sleep issues since my accident). This was a fast and exciting read. I didn’t mind the movie that much, but this book was definitely better, especially because it was a lot more to the point from the movie.

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