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The Babysitters Club the TV Show

So today I was not productive. I had planned on cleaning the bathrooms, do laundry and clean my bedroom. I did start laundry…and then a baby sock wrecked havoc on the machine and I’m pretty sure I am now banned from doing laundry again (I know, tragedy). We also found out that both vehicles need new batteries and I still need to track down a rim for my car. So…my productivity got zapped pretty easy. And also, my toddler decided that today was a perfect day for screaming. For everything. She was happy, scream. She was mad, scream. She was bored, scream. I wouldn’t let her watch Elmo…yep, scream.

So I put her down for a nap and laid down to watch a movie…but couldn’t figure out what movie to watch and I ended up bingeing the new The Babysitters Club series on Netflix. I had heard so many great things about this show and I am happy to say that it is worthy of all the praise. I love how the groundwork of the original book series is there with characters and their personalities and the plots of the stories (each episode is based on the books) but everything is modernized for today. Considering the first season of the show follows books that were written and published in the mid 80’s…this was necessary. The tv series is diverse with characters of all kinds of backgrounds.

I’m already excited for the second season, this is such a great series and for someone who was obsessed with the books when I was a kid, I am so happy that this series exists. I love this so much and I love that I can enjoy it even as a grown ass adult.

I ended up calling out of work on Saturday because of the ongoing car issues. I was just so anxious and upset though that I ended up wasting the day off. Today though (Sunday) I finally managed to get back in shape and actually caught up with dishes. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the bathrooms and bedroom and work on laundry.

I had a hell of a day. Yesterday (Wednesday) we got new tires on the car. Drove home and everything seemed fine. Noticed a noise, but that’s fairly normal for the car and we couldn’t seem to find anything wrong. So we didn’t worry too much about it.

This morning I drive to work. Noise is still there, and I make a note to make sure to get my husband to give the mechanic a call to get it checked out. Except before I get to work my car started losing control, there was a bang (like getting hit by another car, except there wasn’t another car to hit it) and as I’m struggling to get control of the car I see a tire roll down the roll and into the woods across the street.

Wait, what? And then I realized what happened. Get my phone out and realize that I’m in a dead zone. So I got out and started walking. Didn’t walk too far though as a good Samaritian stopped and gave me a ride to work (it was five minutes away, so not too bad). Now we’re in the process of getting the car towed to the mechanic. I’m getting pretty tired on the car though, I think it’s getting to be time to get a new car.

In other news, I DNFed one of the books I was reading today. I was going to write a DNF review, but I think I’m going to just let it go. I got through 30% and I barely registered anything I read, it wasn’t complicated at all, so it was just a matter of not caring about it.

You know you have a good book going when you completely forget everything going on around you.

Tonight we had a little excitement in the house. Our lovely cat Radar got a hold of a field mouse. A live field mouse. A live field mouse that he was torturing. It took me a minute to figure out what was happening and then once I figured it out I lost my shit.

“Mouse!” I screamed. “Mouse in the house!”

Hubby runs into the living room. Radar and field mouse go nuts, the poor mouse trying to get away, Radar trying to catch the mouse and both me and Hubby trying to get both creatures under control..all while the toddler is hysterically laughing. “Mouse, mouse!” she gleefully shrieks.

In the end, I couldn’t save the mouse from his fate but at least we managed to get the two animals out onto the porch away from tiny little toddler eyes. It was bad enough that when everything was over she kept walking around asking about the mouse.

They Could Have Named Her Anything by Stephanie Jimenez

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Every morning, seventeen-year-old Maria Anís Rosario takes the subway an hour from her boisterous and close-knit family in Queens to her private high school on the Upper East Side, where she struggles to fit in as one of the only Latina students—until Rocky welcomes her into this new life. White, rebellious, and ignored by her wealthy parents, Rocky uses her money toward one goal: to get away with anything. To Maria, it’s a dazzling privilege.
As a bond develops between these unlikely friends, neither can see what they share most—jealousy and the desire for each other’s lives. But crackling under the surface of their seemingly supportive alliance, the girls begin to commit little betrayals as they strive to get closer to their ideals regardless of the consequences.
Told from the perspectives of Maria, Rocky, and their fathers, They Could Have Named Her Anything explores the heartfelt expectation of what it means to live up to the name you’ve been given and the more rewarding discovery of what really matters

This was a complicated book for me to wrap my head around. On the surface, it wasn’t a complicated story, in fact, it was one of those stories that have been written again and again. But on a deeper level, there’s a lot more going on. Maria is struggling to decide her place in the world. Does she belong with her working family, or the white collared world of her prep school. Is she suppose to embrace her Hispanic background, or hide that part away when she is at school.

I wanted to like and root for Maria, but she doesn’t make liking her easy. She makes decisions that are aggravating. She uses her friends in ways that will benefit herself.

The other characters, minus Maria’s father, were also equally unlikable or complicated. Rocky put up walls so she is not seen as anything but a rich girl. Charlie, Rocky’s father, is a creep.

I gave this book an average rating, which I think was more from the state of mind I was in at the time but I’m not sure if it is a fair assessment. The writing was well above average. The characters, despite not being likeable, were well developed. All the elements of an above novel were in there but I just felt indifferent.

I hope the next book up for review (whenever that will be) will be better. I somehow ended up with five books going as once so it might be awhile to get through them.

I had a bad night of tossing and turning Sunday night. i am taking responsibility as I drank way too much wine before bed, but I am not taking responsibility for my husband’s snoring. So today was a long day. I fell asleep on the couch around 6pm for an hour or so and now I am trying to watch a bit of tv, maybe a movie, before going to sleep at my normal time. Let’s see how well this works.