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The Forgotten Hours by Katrin Schumann

Back to work tomorrow, but today I managed to finally get almost all of the dishes washed finally. Tomorrow I’m going to focus on cleaning up my bedroom and getting laundry put away.

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In this evocative debut novel, Katrin Schumann weaves a riveting story of past and present—and how love can lead us astray.At twenty-four, Katie Gregory feels like life is looking up: she’s snagged a great job in New York City and is falling for a captivating artist—and memories of her traumatic past are finally fading. Katie’s life fell apart almost a decade earlier, during an idyllic summer at her family’s cabin on Eagle Lake when her best friend accused her father of sexual assault. Throughout his trial and imprisonment, Katie insisted on his innocence, dodging reporters and clinging to memories of the man she adores.
Now he’s getting out. Yet when Katie returns to the shuttered lakeside cabin, details of that fateful night resurface: the chill of the lake, the heat of first love, the terrible sting of jealousy. And as old memories collide with new realities, they call into question everything she thinks she knows about family, friends, and, ultimately, herself. Now, Katie’s choices will be put to the test with life-altering consequences.

I read the Kindle edition of this.

This was an intense book. Although the summary was clear about the plot, and I thought I knew what to expect the truth was-I found this hard to read. The story was kind of slow moving and so I think it just added to the build up on whether Katie’s father was actually guilty or not.

The unknown was what made this an intriguing read. Not knowing what actually happened on the night in question made me question what my expectations on the characters were. Each character was flawed in such a way that there was no telling if they were to be trusted, especially as the only way they are presented is through the eyes of Katie who thinks she knows where her loyalties lie.

Rating: three stars

“It turns out that no one believes her anyway, and that lack of belief in her festers, infects her through and through—because, in her heart, she wants to be an honest person, and she thought she was. But she is not fully honest with anyone, not even with herself. It turns out she cannot give voice to uncertainty; this is not allowed. She does not need to be told this to know it is true. So she becomes quiet; she continues her journey inward, a journey she will be on for years, alone, unable to share with anyone, not her family, not her friends, not her lover.”

― Katrin Schumann, The Forgotten Hours