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DNF: If the Shoe Fits by Pauline Lawless

'Calling All Shoe Addicts', said the advertisement that triggered a response in four very different women, each at a difficult time of her life.

Niamh, at 23, the mother of a five-year-old and twin girls aged four, is desperate to have a home of her own. She longs to escape the house of her vicious mother-in-law but her charming, irresponsible husband and the mountain of debts they have makes this seem ever more unlikely.

Amber, former air stewardess whose husband Dermot left her for a younger woman, has lost all her confidence and is drowning her sorrows with alcohol.

Tessa, beautiful former model, paid the price for living life in the fast lane when she almost died from a heart attack. Her reliable friend, George, persuaded her to come and live with him in Ireland. She now realises that she's made a dreadful mistake.

Rosie, recently widowed, can't come to terms with the loss of the man she loved so much. Life without him doesn't seem worth living.

All of them, needing a way out, find it with the Italian designer shoe company, 'If The Shoes Fit'. This leads them to a new career, great friendships and a life-changing experience.

I stopped reading at 50 pages.

I think I picked this up as a freebie so I felt comfortable with my decision to stop reading this as 50 pages went by and I was not engaged enough. As I will sometimes do in situations where I’m not enjoying a book but can’t decide whether or not to move on or keep reading, I went on Goodreads and read a review that helped me decide that I probably was not going to get much out of it.

The review on the book was somewhat decent, it seemed like while it might not be a great book-it would be an enjoyable read for someone who is a big fan of fashion and lighter fiction but I don’t care much about fashion (especially shoes) and I like my novels with a little more meat.

Hopefully my next read will be a little more my syle.